“My Horse never did what I wanted until I received information from you.”

-DeDe Mitchell ,
Doyle California














































































































































































































































































































Sam Burrell Horse Trainer
Sam Burrell


Sam Burrell training a horse
Sam showing how easy it is
to get the correct lead!

How To Install
An Operating System
In Your Horse (And Yourself)!

Get Your Horse Turning, Bending, Giving, Stopping,
And Cooperating
Like You Never Thought Possible!

Plus,  Easily Get The Correct Lead...Every Time!

You will know:

  • The 5 Rein Effects and how to use them to get the results you want!

  • Where and how to position your legs and get your horse to respond like he's done it all his life!

  • The 4 Critical Zone Exercises that teach your horse (and you) how to put everything together!(Watch your horse do amazing movements quicker than you thought possible!)

  • The Problems You'll Encounter Teaching Your Horse And How To Breeze Right Through Them!

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Aaron Mills Horse Trainer
Aaron Mills


Aaron Mills training a horse
Aaron talks horse into following him when the horse first avoided him like the plague!


How To Catch And Saddle A Horse
That Doesn't Want To Be Caught Or Saddled!

Plus, How To Teach Your Horse To
Follow You...Even Through Spooky Stuff!

You will know:

  • Secrets to a successful first ride on your new colt! (Keep him from bucking!)

  • Aarons "Secret Weapon" Horse Training trick! (Teaches your horse to want to do what you want him to do!)

  • Why it's an advantage when your horse shows you something he doesn't like! (And how to work through it and have an incredible horse!)

  • The #1 Mistake horse owners make and how to avoid it! (Eliminate your frustrations with this tiny, yet powerful nugget of wisdom!)

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Diana Quintana Horse Trainer

Diana Quinatana


Diana Quintana training a horse
Dianna teaching horse important calming and stopping technique with inner tube!

Want To Train Your Horse?

Where To Start, How Long To Do It,
What To Do Next, When To Do It,
What Results You Must Get From Your Horse
So You Know You're Doing Things Right!


You will know:

  • Exactly how to lunge your horse! (Keep him calm, going at the exact speed you want, and teach him to listen to you!)

  • Dianna's secret horse training technique using an inner tube! (Produces an incredible safety feature in your horse to help keep you safe!)

  • The #1 worse time to teach a horse something new! (Discover when not to teach your horse something new and almost never have a problem!)

  • How to teach your horse to lope and stand with squared shoulders before you even get on!

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JJ Rydberg training a horse
J.J. Rydberg


JJ Rydberg Horse Trainer
J.J. showing what to look for
in your horse's "give"!

How To Successfully Communicate With Your Horse
Using Guided Pressure And Giving To The Bit !

Plus, Problem Solving Techniques
Nearly Anyone Can Do!

You will know:

  • The 1st thing your horse must learn!

  • J.J.'s favorite technique that teaches your horse to move his feet and bend his body! (And it's fun to do!)

  • How to really teach your horse to stop! (Plus, what tool to use to teach it - Hint: You probably already have one!)

  • How to tell if you really have control of your horse! (And how to get control if you don't have it!)

  • Horse resisting and won't rock his shoulders? Here's why! (Plus, here's what to do about it!)

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Paul Esh Horse Trainer
Paul Esh


Paul Esh training a horse
Paul teaching wild Mustang
to stay in his own space!


How To Teach Your Horse To
Respect Your Space, Build Trust,
And Keep Him From Injuring You!

 You will know how to:

  • The first thing you must do before working with your horse1 (Teaches him one of the most important lessons you want him to know!)

  • Horse ignoring you?  Here's why and here's the quick and easy fix!

  • What your #1 horse training tool is and how to use it! (It's free and you already have it!)

  • Paul's famous discovery of what really makes a horse move when you want him to! (Get your horse to move out of your space in a flash!)

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Jim Rea Horse Trainer

Jim Rea

Jim Rea






Jim Rea training a horse

Jim showing the 7 Step
 Safety Check System!

How To Understand Your Horse!


Learn The Safety Checks You Must Do
Before You Ride Your Horse And Know If He's
Saying "Yes!"  Or "
NO!"  To You!


 You will know how to:

  • Have a keen insight why your horse does what he does!

  • What two ways there are to train a horse and what works like gangbusters because of his nature!

  • When you should "start" a horse!

  • 3 reasons a horse bucks and how to conquer #1 and #2!

  • What 3 things you must know to successfully train your horse!

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Linda Braddy


Linda demonstrating how to
get the right answer from
your horse!

How To Get Your Horse Doing Exactly What You Want
By Showing Him The Right Answer!

Plus, learn how bits work on the horse
and know which one(s) you should be using right now!


You will know:

  • How to get your horse to absolutely, positively know what you want from him...almost every time!

  • How to create self discipline in your horse! ( Teach him to figure out what you want quicker than most people can!)

  • How to get all the "braking" power you need from your horse!

  • The secret of "Lag Time" and why it is critical you understand its importance in horse training! (Surprisingly, this nugget of knowledge  makes horse's much easier to train and you can do it no matter your skill level!)

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Kenny Scott


Kenny showing how to move
 all four corners of your horse!

"How To Move And Control
All 4 Corners Of Your Horse!"

And Have Him Doing Things
You Thought Were Nearly Impossible!

     You will know:

  • How To Start Teaching Your Horse To Neck Rein Using Kenny's "Blind Man Through The Maze" Secret! (Get Your Horse Neck Reining Like He's Done It All His Life!)

  • How To Start Teaching A Green Horse To Turn So Little Effort It's Like Driving A Sports Car!

  • Get The Ultimate In Collection Of Your Horse And Get Him Moving With The Grace And Agility Of A Ballet Dancer! (Discover How To Transfer His Center Of Balance Up Over His Withers To Back Under Your Seat!)

  • How To Constantly Reward Your Horse And Keep Him Wanting To Work With You! (And It's Not Petting, Food, or "Atta-Boys"!)

Want to know what else this video teaches you? 
Click here ==> Kenny Scott Video




Danie and Doug Hewlett




How To Teach
Your Horse Reining

Plus, learn dozens of valuable and effective
horse training gold nuggets that solve nagging problems and prevent many from happening!


Dear Friend,

      If you want to know how to get your horse doing things you thought were impossible, then this may be the most outrageous 2-Disc DVD set you have ever seen.


      Because you will see and learn:

  • What Exercises Get Your Horse Guiding With Feather-Lite Precision!  (Plus, Why Working A Horse Like THIS Makes Him Hard To Steer And How To Avoid It!)
  • Why Most People Can't Get Their Horses Neck Reining-BUT How You Can So Quickly, You'll Amaze Yourself! (And How You Can Get Your Horse Neck Reining In Very Little Time!)
  • Not Sure What Your Horse Needs To Work On?  Follow This Simple, No-Fail System! (Also Keeps Your Horse From Hating To Work With You!)
  • How To Tell If You Can Take Hold Of Your Horse's Face, Turn Him In A Circle, And Move Him With Your Legs - Plus, Do It ALL Safely From The Ground! (Know Within Minutes Whether Or Not You're In For Nasty Surprise BEFORE You Climb On His Back!)
  • How To Know If Your Horse Is Being Rude And How To Get Country-Gentleman Manners From Him Nearly 100%

   Want to know what else this video teaches you? 
Click here ==> Hewletts Training Video



How To Safely And Confidently
Ride Your Horse Like A Pro!


Dear Friend,

     If you want to learn how to safely and confidently ride your horse, learn good balance, and have more confidence in the saddle then reading this message will be very valuable to you.

     When you're done watching, you will know:

  • How To Tell If You Are "Left" of "Right" Riding Dominant! (Forces You To Be Aware Of Your Body Movements So You Can Nearly Automatically Correct Your Riding Mistakes On The Fly!)

  • Why You Never Ride With Your Hands In Front Of Your Stomach! (Plus, Exactly What To Do With Your Elbows While Riding!)

  • Amazing Hand-Steadying Technique Automatically Steadies Your Hands And Keeps Them Centered! (Also Forces Good Riding Posture Which Makes The Horse Easier To Ride!)


Want to know what else this video teaches you? 
Click here ==> Quintana Riding Video




Sue Robertson

How To Lunge Your Horse, Teach Him To Lead, Teach Him To Come To You, And Drive Him From The Ground To Keep YOU Safer In The Saddle!

At last! Discover the easy-to-do horse training techniques
designed to keep your horse from accidentally hurting you


Dear Friend,

     If you want to see how to easily lunge your horse like a pro (and why), teach him to lead and come to you when you want...then you MUST see this DVD.

 Once you've seen what Sue shows you, you will be an expert at things like:


  • How To Use One Of The Best Safety Techniques In Horse Training Today! (Plus, Do It From The Ground Before You Poke One Foot Into The Stirrup!)


  • The #1 Cause Of Deadly Wrecks With Your Horse! (Plus, The Right Way To Avoid It!) 


  • How To Teach Your Horse To Brave Scary Things Above Him While Mimicking Things Like Fumbling In Your Camera Bag, Unfolding Your Rain Poncho, And More! (And Easily Do It Using This Common Household Item That Costs Less Than 1 Cent!)

  • Think Your Horse Is Broke?  What Little-Known Danger You May Not Know About!


Want to know what else this video teaches you? 
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